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Bald Eagle in flight, Skagit Valley, WashingtonBald Eagle in flight, Cispus River, WashingtonBurrowing Owl adult on perch, central WashingtonPeregrine Falcon in flight, western WashingtonBald Eagle on snowy rock perch, eastern WashingtonBald Eagle with fish, Cowlitz River, WashingtonBald Eagles calling at nest, Yakima River, WashingtonBurrowing Owl fledgling, central WashingtonBald Eagle adult and immature, Cowlitz River, WashingotnBald Eagle with fish, Cowlitz River, WashingtonBald Eagle with fish and crows, Cowlitz River, WashingtonNorthern Saw-whet Owl, northern WashingtonWestern Screech-Owl, western WashingtonPeregrine falcon in flight, western WashingtonGolden Eagle immature in flight, eastern WashingtonOsprey in flight, western WashingtonOsprey in flight, western WashingtonPeregrine Falcon perched on cliff edge, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WashingtonOsprey in flight, western WashingtonNorthern Pygmy-Owl, western Washington