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Steve Bales(non-registered)
I am very impressed with you photo portfolio. The landscapes and wildlife are Nat Geo quality. Everything is top notch.

My nightscapes at Palouse Falls were OK, but not great. Hope yours were better The shots with the half moon illuminated the falls. The shots w/o the moon and with the Milky Way were disappointing... the falls were not illuminated, however the Milky Way was very distinct. There may be a better lighting compromise (less moon) in the future.

Best regards
Ken Meyer(non-registered)
Very nice pictures stranger. .
John in CT(non-registered)
Our mutual friend, Bob in Beacon Falls, forwarded your night shot on the Cowlitz to me; very nice. It reminded me of this quote...
"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." Sarah Williams~
Chris Picard(non-registered)
Tom - It was nice meeting you today. You have some outstanding images here. I enjoyed perusing through them. Perhaps our paths will cross again sometime. Chris
Mary Sklanka(non-registered)
Hey Cousin Tom, Sitting at the dining room table after St. Patrick's Day meal, enjoying your amazing photos with my parents, aunt Florence and my brother Joe and his girlfriend Tara. Reminiscing about the good ol days and how old we are all getting! Hugs, John and Mary
Nancy Duncan(non-registered)
I am so glad to see that your (other) passion will be shared by all the viewers in webland. So much beauty, so little time. But I know your first love is molluscan. Congats on escaping your federal bondage. Hope I run into to you one of these days and still recognize you!
John Curotto(non-registered)
Hey Tom,
I'd not visited your site before, but have the inside track on your work from deadbob. I've enjoyed and admired it always. Just wondering what kind of gear you use, especially for the close stuff.
Tarun Bhati(non-registered)
Hi, Tom Fantastic stuff. I surpised how much work u have done on India wildlife. You have capture great movment & Nature colurs. Great to see Gibbons & Cap Lagguars phots. I enjoyed watching your website. Hopefully to see more terrific photos on your web.
Sophie Zyla
Hi Tom, It was such an unexpected pleasure to chat with you this morning at my local vernal pool hideaway. Please do stop again when you are in town.
Just some bird notes: Osprey was fishing at the pond one evening this week; Barred Owl is typically between the pond and holding tanks off the paved road; Great Horned is in the area of the vernal pool and the boat house end of the pond; Cedar Waxwings toward the corner of Route 42; Hermit and Wood Thrush west and south side of pond; Pine Warbler near the parking area fields. Looking forward to seeing more great images you capture of some amazing wildlife and beautiful landscapes and flowers. Happy trails!
Gerry Williams(non-registered)
I met you with Carol and Nancy at the Blue Spruce Tavern last summer - love your amazing pics - the latest from Damon Point are pretty special. I was in Calif. at Pinnacles Nat'l Monument two 1st week of Feb. and we saw three condors flying over the parking lot and later while we had lunch during a hike - pretty special experience.
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